Brookstreet Equity Partners (Brookstreet) and Terracom have signed an exclusive agreement to invest in Terracom and expand the company’s activities in Greece and abroad. Brookstreet is a London-based private equity fund manager which supports startups and innovative businesses with high international growth potential to further enhance their evolution and development.

The CEO of Terracom, Mr. Dimitris Zacharakis mentioned:

«We are very excited about Brookstreet’s decision to invest in our company and establish a strategic partnership. Together we will accelerate the development of our products and services by providing innovative technology solutions to our clients and partners worldwide. We share with Brookstreet the same values and a strong will to work hard and achieve our goals.»

Brookstreet secured a strategic partnership with Terracom which is a leading IT and technology company. Physical Security and Remote / Lone Workers facilities are high priority markets globally and Terracom has already established a large network of clients and partners worldwide. Working with Brookstreet is crucial in order to expand business opportunities and develop high-end and top-selling products, using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. Terracom has unique prospects for further development and has already attracted several investors in technology field. Brookstreet will actively support Terracom to fulfill its ambitions on a global scale.

It is a unique deal that will change company’s caliber and will help to evolve rapidly in a global basis. Furthermore, it is reward for Terracom’s insistence on innovation and development of high quality technology products.

The leading technology product of Terracom is QR-Patrol (, a guard tour monitoring and management system used by more than 1,000 companies and organizations in 81 countries. Terracom also has extensive experience in the Internet of Things sector and has developed SpotyPal (, an innovative item finder and personal security system. The company has received many international awards and has been funded by the Horizon 2020 European SME Instrument Phase 2 program as one of Europe’s most innovative companies.

Terracom has a global footprint of clients including the German Stock Exchange, the European Court of Justice (EUROJUST), IKEA, many hotels (Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt), security companies (Brinks, G4S, Securitas), facility management companies (ISS, Country Clean Recycling, P&H Cleaning Company, CCS Facilities), universities (Carnegie Mellon, University of California San Francisco, University of West Georgia), Emirates airlines, Dubai duty free, Heathrow airport and more.

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