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More and more organizations are successfully turning to IoT to deal with complex business challenges and create more value. Now, Terracom is automating the resolution of service issues to deliver a scalable, personalized, proactive and secure AI Service Experience across enterprise domains. Terracom empowers organizations with business uptime, improved productivity, cost reduction, and a consumer-like self-service experience for both employees and customers..

Providing advanced security guard tour solutions

Our leading software – QR-Patrol – is the most trustworthy web solution for security manager administrators and security guards. It integrates BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology into a seamless remote inspection experience for your customers, with the same level of authenticity and trust as an in-person inspection.

Delivering Great Results

When it comes to your business challenges, we believe in simple solutions that deliver great results for both customers and employees. We proactively resolve your requests to meet your ever-growing user demands for quick response and immediate resolution. 

Streamlining Innovative Products

Best of all, over time and with increased exposure, we grow smarter products, more useful, and more finely attuned to your organization’s unique needs.

  • Auto-resolve incoming requests instantly
  • Reduce repetitive work and improve employee productivity
  • Predict and remediate major incidents and outages autonomously

We IT your business

We become your technology check point, combining our experience and high expertise. We act proactively to develop systems and infrastructure that will shape your business future and intervent to your sales cycle by solving complex problems through inquiries, requests, and issues.

When it comes to your business challenges, we believe in simple solutions that deliver great results for both customers and employees.

Enterprise Service Automation

Businesses depend on Terracom to modernize their service desks and operations, while automating user requests to unleash greater self-service resolutions.

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Terracom has been granted from industry analysts, media publications, business influencers, and partner organizations as a leader in Guard Tour Systems Solutions.

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We are here to deliver you an amazing experience, fueled by the passion to change the day-in-the-life of your employees and customers.

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