• ‘QR-Patrol’ human resource management software was deployed in over 100 locations, including the Lusail National Stadium where the final was held.

  • The system managed 150,000 events at points of interest, while being used by 1,100 people.

  • The successful implementation of the leading Greek technological product in the World Cup paves the way for its full integration in world events of the same size.

Terracom provided its systems for the organization of the world cup in Qatar, helping to ensure the safety of athletes, workers and fans through the “QR-Patrol” software. The digital human activity remote management system was used in a wide range of buildings such as stadiums, hotels and training centres, essentially ensuring immediate intervention in the event of an incident.

In total, 1,300 more or less serious incidents were reported. To ensure the success of the entire project, 19 engineers from the company worked, several of whom visited Doha to map the sites and train the local authorities. From controlling access to the match venues to protecting the thousands of fans, the challenges were many as many different parameters had to be taken into account at the same time.

Terracom’s presence at the World Cup through the QR-Patrol software further strengthens the global evolution of the Greek product and confirms the need to utilize high technology to ensure human health in places of mass attendance” said Dimitris Zacharakis, CEO of Terracom. “We don’t stop at the World Cup, we continue to work every day to upgrade our software. Our goal is always the safety of people, regardless of the prevailing conditions or the place they are.

Among others, “QR-Patrol” is used by Heathrow International Airport in London, the German stock exchange, “Hilton” hotels around the world and the company “Pfizer” in New York.

QR-Patrol has been developed by Terracom, a high-tech company based in Ioannina. Terracom develops innovative software products for more than 90 countries, counting a total of over 1,000 clients worldwide. Brookstreet Equity Partners, based in London, also participates in its shareholder structure.

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