Terracom once again participated in Sales in Action 2020 by Boussias Communications. This year the subject of the conference was Sales in the Covid-19 period.

The speakers shared with us the experience of how their Sales Departments addressed the situation and the methods they used to serve their clients in the best possible way. Of course, as it was mentioned, this wasn’t easy. The staff had to spend hours of training and adapt new tools to succeed in that period.

The main strategy to make sales in Covid-19 period in Greece was mainly, Marketing actions in all its forms. Furthermore, most of the companies used Lead Generators to acquire new leads at first place and then they followed up with emails, calls, zoom meetings, etc.

In conclusion, companies need to always target the human side of the client as well as a client centric approach. The keynote speaker Brittany Hodak pointed out ‘The best Marketing has zero cost. Don’t just try to make a sale but make SUPERFANS”. If you do business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience, then they will love, trust you and make the best Marketing for you!

“I see you, I hear you and what you say matters to me”
Oprah Winfrey

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